An AI/ML Research Accelerator operated by the SETI Institute

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FDL Final Technical Presentations
Friday, August 2, 3 PM PT

For an invitation to attend the onsite event or participate via Zoom,
please contact Bella at:

2024 Challenges

FDL 2024 Handbook

About FDL

The Frontier Development Lab (FDL) is a public-private partnership between NASA, the US Department of Energy, and the SETI Institute, supported by AI/ML technology leaders and subject matter experts from the private sector, including Google Cloud, NVIDIA, Lockheed Martin, Intel, the Luxembourg Space Agency, and Mayo Clinic.

FDL brings together early-career PhD’s and postdoctoral researchers from diverse scientific fields and pairs them with their counterparts in computer science to run an applied AI/ML research accelerator capable of answering some of humanity‚Äôs most critical research challenges in the areas of extreme weather modeling, disaster response and recovery, planetary defense, astronaut health, Heliophysics, Earth Science, astrobiology, and planetary science.