The Value of Partnership

FDL has demonstrated the potential and success of public/private partnerships in AI with numerous research challenges delivering promising results. FDL researchers have shown the utility of breaking down complex problems through the use of a wide range of AI techniques, such as DNNs, dimensionality reduction (t-SNEs), Variational Auto-Encoding (VAEs), adversarial approaches (GANs), Bayesian optimization and decision trees, over extremely accelerated timeframes. The capacity to apply the ‘full stack’ of AI through interdisciplinary approaches to scientific workflows is where FDL begins its stride. Space and energy datasets are often a large, multi-dimensional time-series, requiring significant compute resources and rapid turnaround from ideas to experiments.

Over the past seven years, FDL has significantly benefited from the support of our private sector and public partners, who have provided computer and data processing support, as well as subject matter expertise, mentorship, outreach, continuity, training and always strategic guidance.

We welcome new collaborative partners to join the FDL team.

To join the FDL family contact:
Dr. Bella Gazda-Sullivan
Director, Frontier Development Lab

2023 team at Google Cloud
Google Cloud celebrating FDL